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Margy Wakefield "Love thet Lasts" Couples Coaching for Stroud

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Intensive Private Couples Coaching in the Cotswolds

'Love That Lasts'


'The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships'. Ester Perel.

My name is Margy Wakefield and I have years of experience in helping couples reconnect intimately with each other and improve the way they communicate. My intensive private couples coaching guides you through through focused, two-day therapy sessions, giving you and your partner the necessary tools for making significant, constructive, lasting change in a short period of time.

By taking a deep dive into your current situation, I help you understand how past experience and childhood leads to reactivity, poor communication, and defensiveness. Doing this work is crucial for unravelling the knots of your relationship and moving forward in a healthier, more mindful way than before.

If you require intensive private couples coaching, take a look at how exactly I can help you below.

Two-Day Private Intensive Couples Session

During a two-day period, we will take a deep dive into the particular issues of your relationship and guide you through the process of rooting out the source of your relationship problems. By closely examining your triggers and behaviours and learning more about them and where they come from in your childhood, you and your partner will develop an improved understanding of each other. Having that knowledge is so liberating as it means you can start healing and stop blaming.

Consciously recognising why your partner behaves in a certain way prevents your relationship from getting tangled in the same old knots. The crux of our work together will be helping you both reconnect emotionally and leave the intensive session with lifelong skills that enable you to maintain a dynamic, buoyant and cherishing relationship with a healthy balance of togetherness and autonomy.

This intensive private couples coaching course can be done online or in-person. Get in touch with me by email or over the phone to arrange a free initial consultation session, during which we will discuss the problems in your relationship and decide whether a two-day intensive course is the right process for you. This is also a chance for you to decide whether you want to do this work with me and whether we are a good fit. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need!

One Day Private ‘Making Amends’ Process

If there has been a significant rupture in your relationship, such as an affair or any event leading to a loss of trust, we will dedicate a day towards addressing that specific problem. I help you on your journey of healing from a rupture in your relationship by firstly getting both parties to take responsibility, unearthing why it happened in the first place, and then developing a roadmap for starting the process of healing and moving forward together.

One-Day Private ‘Saying Goodbye’ Process

Following the two-day intensive private couples coaching course, it may be that you decide separating is the best course of action. This is never an easy or painless process. I will guide you through saying goodbye to your relationship in a respectful way, allowing you to both understand your part in what has happened. Having accomplished this it will be easier for you to both remain effective parents.

The ‘Saying Goodbye’ process enables you to move forward more conscious and informed, with a greater understanding of how past experiences impact on your relationships in the present, thereby making you more likely to find a more compatible partner in the future and avoid the same problems you encountered in previous relationships.

Other Services
Weekend Workshop for Several Couples

These workshops are normally held on a beautiful farmhouse just outside Cheltenham and include up to five couples, with me guiding you through different techniques and pieces of information about improving connection with your partner. This is an amazing opportunity to communicate openly and honestly about relational difficulties in a safe, friendly environment. The safe and light atmosphere we create helps you learn how to touch one another’s hearts and bring some zeal back into your relationship.

I take care to not exacerbate any issues you may be currently going through; you will never need to share anything personal with the group. This is a time to receive valuable information, connect with your partner, and have a bit of fun!

Weekend Workshop for Single People

I also run a workshop for groups of single people who have had relationship problems in the past. You may need help with identifying the reasons for previous ruptures or feel nervous about moving forward. This weekend will be all about helping you understand what you bring into a relationship, and how The childhood experience and the baggage you carry underpins the issues you experienced in the past. I help you gain a clearer understanding of your triggers and where they come from, giving you the perfect platform to enjoy happier, more sustainable relationships in the future.

Neurodiversity in Relationships

This support group, led by myself and colleague, neurodiversity expert Chris Hughes, is dedicated to helping neurotypical people improve relations with neurodiverse partners. Many people are on the autistic spectrum or display other signs of differing brain functionality. Their relationships suffer due to a lack of understanding around how neurodiverse partners think and react differently. Neurodiversity seriously impacts how couples communicate. Many other aspects of these relationships also have difficulties.

By bringing neurotypical partners into a shared space, we hope to give people a chance to connect with others going through the same difficulties and provide an inclusive platform in which to share useful skills and techniques. Doing this helps people with neurodiverse partners to grow and learn how to deal with the challenges presented by neurodiversity in a healthy way. Having a tribe of people who are dealing with similar issues goes a long way to alleviate the loneliness neurotypical partners feel.

Support groups take place on Tuesday afternoons and evenings, with sessions being conducted over Zoom and lasting 90 minutes. The cost for each session is £20. We also run ‘connecting days’ on a biannual basis, giving people a chance to get together in a physical space and further strengthen their bond.

For more information on how I provide intensive private couples coaching online or in the Cotswolds, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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