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Margy Wakefield "Love thet Lasts" Couples Counselling for Stroud

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'Love That Lasts'

Couples counselling in the Cotswolds


'The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships'. Ester Perel.

My name is Margy Wakefield and I have a proven track record for helping couples rediscover themselves and each other, reconnect intimately and have fun together. I guide couples through focused therapy sessions which provide the opportunity for them to make significant, constructive and lasting change in a short time.

Here's how:- (choose one or combine an intensive with a 'making amends' or 'saying goodbye' process).

1. A TWO DAY PRIVATE INTENSIVE COUPLES SESSION. Where you will learn how to consciously reconnect with each other and root out the source of your relationship problems. You will leave with lifelong skills for living a dynamic, buoyant and cherishing relationship with a healthy balance of togetherness and separateness.

2. A PRIVATE TWO DAY 'MAKING AMENDS' PROCESS. Where both parties take responsibility for their relationship rupture, address it, take responsibility for it and start healing from it.

3 A PRIVATE TWO DAY 'SAYING GOODBYE' PROCESS. This is for couples who have come to the end of their relationship journey and want to part in a respectful way. They both honour what they once had and clear themselves to move forward.


4. A WEEKEND WORKSHOP FOR SEVERAL COUPLES. Where you will be professionally and safely guided through an amazing process of connection. You will understand a lot about relationship dynamics and be able to recognise your part in your relational difficulties. You will have the opportunity as a couple to communicate openly and honestly; identify and deal with deeply rooted conflicts; learn how to touch each other's hearts and bring the zing back. You are not required to share any of your personal relationship in the group.

5. A WEEKEND WORKSHOP FOR SINGLE PEOPLE. This is for people who want to prepare themselves for a full and satisfying relationship.

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