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Margy Wakefield "Love thet Lasts" Couples Coaching for Stroud

Passionate About Helping Couples Heal and Reconnect

If your relationship is suffering, I can provide the specialist help you need to overcome the difficulties you are facing.

It is extremely common for poor communication, reactivity, defensiveness and bad behaviour to creep into a relationship. To help you move past these difficulties, I offer intensive private couples coaching over a two-day period that focuses on identifying the underlying causes for unhealthy patterns in your relationship. Learning about what sits behind your problems is such an important part of healing. You will leave with the skills you need to turn your frustrations into vehicles for change and feel more connected as a loving couple.

Get in touch with me to arrange a free 60-90-minute consultation to see whether intensive private couples coaching could help you.

About Margy

Along with being a specialist relationship coach and an intensive private couples coaching for over 20 years, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have been married to my husband Peter, an engineer, for 50 years, and we have managed to navigate our way through some rough seas thanks to the skills we have developed together.

Like many couples, our relationship suffered from sinking into the same damaging knots. We were, in our own ways, bringing our childhood trauma into present day issues, with both of us not understanding how we were reinforcing these patterns. After working on this together, however, we were able to understand why we reacted to each other in certain ways and learned how to avoid acting out of a childhood dynamic, which naturally led to us being more mindful and connected.

We are blessed to have three daughters and seven grandchildren. I also love gardening, tennis, golf, walking in the countryside, reading, sewing, and spending time with family and friends. I have a private practice in the Cotswolds and can see clients and/or run workshops in South Africa and Brisbane as well.

Sources of Inspiration

The ‘living laboratory’ of our marriage is where Peter and I worked to understand the complex issues in our relationship, and I thank goodness for the communications skills that have helped us make sense of tough patches and move forward stronger than before.

My professional journey as both a social worker and psychotherapist created opportunities for me to study relationships in depth and spot key patterns. For instance, Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy, developed by Hedy Scheiffler and her husband, has taught me a great deal about creating conscious, connected relationships, and celebrating what we have.

Furthermore, Imago Couples Therapy, developed by Harville Hendricks, gave me crucial information on relationship theories and has served as a roadmap for my work through the years. More recently, I have been deeply invested in the work of Dan Segal, who specialises in Interpersonal Neurobiology and has helped me understand the integration of all places in the brain, its plasticity, and the role it plays in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. And a general sense of wellbeing.

Appreciative Enqurity has also taught me the valuable lesson on focusing on strengths, resources, and successes, in order to develop positive visions for our futures.

Additional Professional Experience

  • Individual, couple and family counselling at Family Life Centre, Johannesburg
  • Community development Social Worker working privately for Anglo Alpha where I assisted a squatter community to develop a pre-school, primary school, high school and a clinic
  • I've had private practices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and the UK
  • Investec Bank's Employee Assistance Programme provider in Cape Town for six years

Want to know more about how I provide intensive private couples coaching? Get in touch to arrange a free 60-90-minute session over Zoom.

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