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Margy Wakefield "Love thet Lasts" Couples Coaching for Stroud

Professional Qualifications

  • BA Social Work, UNISA
  • Psychotherapist
  • Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Member of Social Work England
  • Senior Imago Clinician and Workshop Presenter
  • Brainspotting diploma
  • Memory Reconsolidating and Coherence therapy diploma
  • Encounter Centred Couples Therapy master class diploma EcCT
  • AANE, the Asbergers/autism Network certified clinician specialising in Neurodiversity in Couples

Specialty Areas

  • Couples intensive sessions
  • Couples intensive sessions 'Making Amends' after an affair
  • Couples intensive session 'Saying Goodbye' in which couples end their relationship in a clear and respectful manner
  • Love That Lasts couples weekend workshops
  • Love that Lasts workshops for single people
  • Neurodiverse couples coaching – for couples where one or both partners are on the Asbergers/autistic continuum.

    If you want to know more how my intensive private couples coaching can help you reconnect with your partner and improve communication, view my Home Page for more information.

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